Space Clearing Blend 10ml Perfect Potion

Space Clearing Blend 10ml Perfect Potion

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Refreshing, energising lemon pure essential oil is spiritually purifying and highly vibrational: enhancing positivity, mental acuity and creativity.

Black Spruce
Balancing, strengthening black spruce pure essential oil promotes endurance of the spirit, compassion and psychic work.

Frankincense: Mysterious and sacred frankincense is both spiritually elevating and meditatively grounding; opening our consciousness to connect with the divine.

Fresh, herbaceous, protective sage pure essential oil encourages inner strength, courage, resilience and wisdom, helping guide your spiritual quest.

Virginian cedarwood
Cedarwood is grounding, stabilising and provides fortitude in body, mind and spirit.

Clary Sage
Spiritually uplifting clary sage pure essential oil helps to enliven the senses and restore clarity, while also gently removing emotional barriers to help relate and connect with others.

Protective rosemary pure essential oil helps promote mental clarity, ignites our creative fire, and is spiritually strengthening.