What We Do


Here at Synergy Compounding Pharmacy, we specialise in the non-sterile compounding of medications and preparations that are prescribed by your doctor or formulated in consultation with our pharmacists.

All compounded preparations are made onsite in our purpose-built laboratory under the strictest standards and protocols of quality control. If required, we can work closely with your doctor and/or specialist to formulate a preparation that is made especially for you.

Some benefits of compounded preparations are:

  • Customised dosage strength to suit the metabolic function of your body
  • Customised dosage form to ensure optimal delivery and absorption of medication into your body
  • We can reproduce commercial medications that have been discontinued
  • We can remove allergens and unwanted excipients such as colouring agents, preservatives, and fillers from your medication(s)


Here at Synergy Compounding Pharmacy, we promote a lifestyle of active, clean living and strongly focus on integrative and nutritional medicine.

We offer the following support services:

  • Our pharmacists can discuss any problems and concerns you may be having with your medications and work with your healthcare practitioner to recommend an alternative solution.
  • We provide dietary advice and can make recommendations for supplements to help you achieve your health goals.
  • We stock a range of practitioner-only supplements, probiotics, herbal extracts and functional foods (available) in store for purchase.

Please visit our blog for a burst of inspiration to improve your health and be a better you.