Why Choose Us

Synergy is built into everything we do.

Every step of your journey with us is carefully considered and we give you peace of mind in knowing that your health and safety are our number one priority

Our strict laboratory, systems and communications protocols ensure that our compounded preparations are of the highest quality and standard – every time.

From your first point of contact with us to the delivery of your compounded medication or preparation, you can count on our compassion, guidance, and education every step of the way. This is our dedication to you.

  • State-of-the-art laboratory

  • Compounded preparations of the highest quality and standard

  • Extensive knowledge and experience working with doctors and specialists to develop customised formulations

  • Our specialised team of pharmacists and technicians are extensively trained in all protocols of non-sterile compounding

  • We constantly look to improve our protocols by keeping up to date with the latest developments and innovations in the industry

  • Strong focus on integrative, functional and nutritional medicine

  • In-house nutritionist/naturopath to provide expert advice on supplements and herbal remedies

  • Complimentary medication and nutritional advice

  • Committed to the highest standards of patient care and outcomes