Our People

Our team is our synergy.

Compounding Pharmacist and Proprietor

Mike graduated from the University of Otago in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Pharmacy in 2006. Mike is a very caring, patient and approachable pharmacist with extensive experience working in both sterile, and non-sterile compounding pharmacy settings. He is intensely passionate about customised patient care and helping people become the best version of themselves.

Mike has two young children which keep him away from his basketball and golf. The rest of Mike’s time is spent nurturing and growing the third child that is Synergy Compounding Pharmacy so that it becomes a valuable member of community.


Compounding Pharmacist

Jessica is our energetic pharmacist who loves the sun, ocean and the big outdoors. She enjoys travelling, movement and exercise and also loves food, animals and a lot of other things! She is especially passionate about health and wellbeing and loves to help people improve their health and overall quality of life.

While completing her Pharmacy Degree at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, she signed up to be a Yoga and Pilates Instructor which helped her manage the stress of studying at the time and broadened her perspective on what it means to be “healthy” – being that it is more than just the absence of disease, illness or pain. She believes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to disease prevention and management. Over the years, Jessica has developed an interest for patient-specific approaches to healthcare which aligns harmoniously with the pharmacy’s model of individualised care for our patients.


Compounding Technician

Sofiia is passionate about helping people improve their health and quality of life. As well as being our hardworking technician, she is also studying for her Bachelor of Nursing/ Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the Australian Catholic University. She loves travelling, playing sport and spending time outdoors and at the beach.



With nearly two decades of experience in the health and wellness field, Kate is a naturopath who helps to motivate her clients to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She guides her patients on their journey towards achieving vibrant and long-lasting health through education, understanding and support.

Kate’s areas of special interest include weight loss, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, insulin resistance and diabetes. Kate also has extensive experience with thyroid issues, adrenals/stress, digestive health, poor energy and joint pain. Her popular program, “The Metabolism Reset Plan” is specifically designed to help with improving overall health and repairing the metabolism - weight loss is the great side benefit!

Kate is passionate about food as medicine and sees optimal nutrition as essential for anyone who wants to maintain or regain their health. How you look and feel, even how well you sleep is often a direct result of the foods you eat. When you feel great, you have the physical and creative energy and mental clarity that will enable you to achieve absolutely anything in life.


Nutritionist and Blog Writer

Maeve is a qualified clinical nutritionist with specialist expertise in autoimmune conditions and chronic health issues. As a practitioner and academic Maeve has spent many years studying and experimenting with food and diet to fully utilise the connection between good nutrition and optimal well-being. Maeve enjoys working with other health professionals using the functional medicine model to help patients regain their health.

Maeve is passionate about the role of nutrition in building and maintaining optimum health for the whole family. She uses practical and customised nutrition plans based on her client’s individual needs. Maeve’s practical approach helps her clients to feel less overwhelmed whenever they need to make dietary changes. Over the years she has been rewarded by witnessing remarkable improvements and reversal in chronic health conditions from dietary intervention.

Maeve is also our in-house blog writer and regularly posts informative articles on health and wellness, as well as supplement and lifestyle products on Facebook and Instagram

Maeve is an outdoor person who loves ocean swimming, hiking, running, team sports, camping and anything that keeps her outside enjoying nature’s treats.

Good nutrition is where health starts.