ZeoActiv8 Zeolite 50ml

ZeoActiv8 Zeolite 50ml

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ZeoActiv8 is a highly concentrated proprietary preparation of Australian clinoptilolite zeolite suspended in a base of pure distilled water and natural preservative. It has been prepared by an Australian developed sub-micronisation process for the express purpose of use as a formulation aid for health and nutritional supplements. The special 'carry and release' characteristics of this form of zeolite are enhanced by submicronisation in that the zeolite is solubulised and hence becomes more bio-available and more readily combined into supplement and health formulations.

Being in liquid form it combines more readily with natural formulations developed by medical and health practitioners for patient specific use. The liquid formulation ensures the body is not overloaded by Ingredients requiring digestion and metabolism. Zeolite itself is not metabolised, thus passes through the body without adding extra demands on the metabolic process.

The submicronised water-soluble availability of this natural molecular purification carrier enhances formulations by helping to carry and distribute key Ingredients to their intended targets. A natural balance is created in pH and mineral status to help create an environment whereby the body can utilize the targeted health and nutritional Ingredients to derive maximum benefit.

Simply put, ZeoActiv8 helps nutritional and health supplements reach their maximum potential.

How is ZeoActiv8 used? ZeoActiv8 is best used in suspension with a water base for the formulation of specific nutritional and health supplements. Medical and health practitioners who develop formulations to target the specific needs of a patient, want to make sure that those Ingredients achieve their maximum potential. In order to do this they need to be made bioavailable available to the body.

In other words they need to be distributed to the parts of the body where they are required to be absorbed and metabolised so the body can utilise them efficiently. Just like you add a petrol additive to your engine to help your car use petrol more efficiently, ZeoActiv8 is the efficiency additive for your nutritional and health supplements.

Because the zeolite form used in ZeoActiv8 has high water absorption characteristics, it is important that any formulations using ZeoActiv8 are accompanied with directions to consume plentiful amounts of water - up to 2-3 litres daily.

ZeoActiv8 is an exclusive Practitioner Only Formula. If adverse conditions arise discontinue use immediately and consult your prescribing practitioner.

Premier Zeolite Supplement 50 ml

  • Specifically designed and engineered to filter and purify bodily fluids
  • Increases the body's pH level
  • A base of pure distilled water and glycerine
  • Unique honeycomb structure