Woohoo Body! Natural Deodorant & Anti Chafe Stick - Tango 60g

Woohoo Body! Natural Deodorant & Anti Chafe Stick - Tango 60g

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  • 100% Natural
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Australian made & owned
  • Packed in a biodegradable cardboard eco-tube

The original deodorant paste range from Woohoo Body! has been enhanced and tweaked to work perfectly in a biodegradable eco-tube. With zero mess and no hands to wash after application, the eco-tube means this deodorant stick is also a multi-tasker. Use me as an anti-chafe stick any time clothes rub against the body causing chaffing. It's particularly useful for athletes and means only 1 product needs to stay in your gym bag.

Sweating is one of the ways your body naturally detoxes. When you use an anti-perspirant, it stops you from sweating. Woohoo! Body still protects you while allowing you to sweat naturally. Sometimes finding a natural deodorant that works in extreme situations can be a challenge too.

Sensitive to bi-carb? Tango is powered with magnesium hydroxide and charcoal powder. It's great for those with sensitive pits.

AROMA PROFILE - Tango is a scented version of Mellow and has an uplifting tangy citrus aroma.

HOW TO APPLY - Push the stick up gently from the bottom of the tube, exposing around 3 to 5mm. Apply to the underarm and other sweaty or chafe-prone areas of the body. On cold days, press the deodorant to the skin and allow to warm a little before application

SIZE - 60g Eco-Tube