Wax Wraps – Vegan food wraps – Kitchen Set
Wax Wraps – Vegan food wraps – Kitchen Set

Wax Wraps – Vegan food wraps – Kitchen Set

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Food Wraps – Vegan wax on Organic Cotton – so handy in the kitchen and eliminates the need for plastic wrap and single use plastic bags.

Kitchen Set – set of 4 handy sized wraps.

ur Vegan Organic wax blend is applied by us here in Perth, on GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

  • Wax wraps are a fantastic alternative to single use bags and plastic wrap
  • Save money, avoid food waste, help the environment and add some colour to your kitchen with a set of Vegan wraps to suit all kinds of uses
  • Handmade in WA using Candelilla wax, Organic Australian Jojoba oil and ethically grown and harvested food grade Damar gum
  • Lasts 12 months+ with proper care – handy tips are on our card packaging
  • Our Kitchen Set includes :
    • 1 x 20 x 20cm
    • 1 x 25 x 25cm
    • 1 x 30 x 30cm
    • 1 x 40 x 40cm
  • Free from Pine resin
  • Reusable, Washable, Compostable
  • Our Vegan Wax mix blocks are available for purchase, you may wish to touch up the wax periodically to extend their life.

Our sets contain all fabric shown in the image, but the order may change.  For Apples, Blue Tiles, Pink Tiles, Hummingbirds & Turtles there are two of each print in our Kitchen set.  One of each in our Starter set.

Why we use Jojoba oil in our wax blend  :

  • It helps keep the coating soft and supple
  • It is naturally antibacterial and food safe