Aroma Defence Blend 10ml Perfect Potion

Aroma Defence Blend 10ml Perfect Potion

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Blue Mallee Eucalyptus
Cleansing eucalyptus can help to relieve cold and flu symptoms, congestion, and in subtle aromatherapy, cleanses negative energy especially after conflict.

Tea Tree
Invigorating tea tree helps to wards off cold, flu and fatigue while also strengthening the spirit.

Purifying and refreshing lemon is naturally antiseptic, but also highly vibrational to enhance positivity, mental acuity and creativity.

Warm, loving cinnamon awakens strength, vigour and willpower to support health, and inspires happiness, comfort and connection.

Red Thyme:
Thyme has strong, broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity and can be effective to help treat infections, while also providing fortitude and courage in spirit.