Flordis KeenMind

Flordis KeenMind

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A different way to improve memory and support brain health.

Finding focus within the frenzy of daily life can be challenging at times.

KeenMind contains a naturally sourced active ingredient that’s clinically proven to support memory, concentration and learning function. Not only does it provide calm, clear focus, but evidence shows it can reduce nervous tension and mild anxiety too.1-4

KeenMind is the result of over 50 years of research and development.* We take care to use the same specific extract (CDRI 08) that's been proven in clinical studies to help improve cognitive health.1-5 This exclusive formula is manufactured in Switzerland using quality ingredients that follow a series of strict control practices to help deliver a consistent medicine each time. It’s this same medicine that is tested in clinical trials and is used worldwide.

As part of the Flordis cognitive range, KeenMind is backed by extensive research, making it an integrative medicine you can count on. Simple.