Cystitum Oriental Botanicals

Cystitum Oriental Botanicals

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  • Provides a combination of traditional Chinese, Western and Ayurvedic herbal medicines to support urinary tract health
  • According to traditional use, this formula may help to
    • Reduce symptoms of medically diagnosed cystitis in females, such as burning sensation or irritation upon urination
    • Expel damp heat from the bladder
    • Assist flushing of the urinary tract
    • Support healthy urine output
    • Soothe irritated tissues
    • Relieve inflammation
  • No added gluten, yeast, nuts, dairy or animal products
  • No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Vegan friendly


  • 2 tablets 3 times daily


  • Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • If pain or irritation persists for more than 48 hours consult a doctor
  • The presence of blood in the urine warrants immediate medical attention
  • Do not use this product in those with pre-existing kidney or heart conditions


Vaccinium macrocarpon (Cranberry) ext.
equiv. Proanthocyanidins
ext. equiv. fresh (fruit)
83.3 mg
6 mg
4.17 g
Elymus repens (Couch grass) ext.
ext. equiv. dry (rhizome)
200 mg
2 g
Alisma orientale (Ze Xie) ext.
ext. equiv. dry (root)
100 mg
1 g
Pyrrosia sheareri ext.
ext. equiv. dry
100 mg
1 g
Phellodendron amurense ext.
ext. equiv. dry
50 mg
500 mg
Crateva magna ext.
ext. equiv. dry
50 mg
500 mg