Should I take a Multivitamin?

One of the most commonly asked questions is “Why should I take a multivitamin supplement?” ⁠

Many people believe they are obtaining all the vitamins and minerals they need through their diet. While it is preferable to get nutrients from food, it is common for foods to have a lack of nutrients, be adversely affected by chemical fertilisers, pesticides, and soil conditions.

Diets are often inadequate or there is not enough variety. It is common to eat the same foods over and over again and easily miss some important nutrients.

Gut problems can also hinder your ability to absorb vitamins and minerals efficiently. Your small intestine is responsible for absorbing nutrients from the food you eat and sending them into your bloodstream, so they can be further processed and distributed to the rest of the body.  

Gut problems can affect the small intestine’s ability to absorb enough of certain nutrients and fluids. This may include macronutrients, such as protein, carbs and fat, as well as micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals – or both.

⁠Sometimes bacteria in your gut become unbalanced, which can alter vitamin absorption.  Or, your stomach may not be able to produce the enzymes it needs to digest certain foods. 

Smoking and alcohol can also reduce vitamin absorption as well as certain medical conditions which can affect the way the body absorbs vitamins which can lead to nutrient deficiencies.

Vitamins and minerals are required for normal metabolism, growth and general well-being and whilst it could take years to become deficient, taking a supplement can help supercharge the rebuilding process.

So, how to get your nutrients?  Of course, a balanced diet with wholefoods, lots of vegetables, some fruits, good quality proteins and fats.  However, a multivitamin is like an insurance policy, a daily guarantee to ensure your body gets the vitamins and minerals it requires.  A multivitamin can make up for the shortfall that can happen when you don’t get what you need through food.

When taken to support a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, multivitamins ensure that we get everything we need to feel our best.

Be aware that there is a difference in quality.....not all supplements are created equal!  It is important when selecting a multivitamin to ensure they do not contain sugars, binders, fillers, excipients, artificial colours or preservatives.

⁠Men and women have their own unique needs when it comes to multivitamin supplementation so it is best to speak to a health professional who can guide you to select the best form for your particular needs. ⁠