Gelpro MCT Oil C8 & C10 - Phat Performance 500ml

Gelpro MCT Oil C8 & C10 - Phat Performance 500ml

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Introducing Gelpro's new range - Phat Performance

Gelpro’s MCT Oil is derived 100% from non GMO coconuts sustainably sourced.
It contains C8 and C10 Caprylic acid and It contains no preservatives or added colour and is non GMO.

Our MCT Oil has a neutral flavour and is therefore versatile and can be added to your coffee and smoothies for that extra boost.

Phat Performance is Keto friendly as MCT Oil is a source of good fats. Our MCT Oil is high in C8 Caprylic and C10 Capric acid. Always check that the MCT oil you are buying mentions the type of fatty acid.

As with all our products, our MCT oil is ethically sourced and non GMO and bottled here in Australia. We do not use palm oil whatsoever.